Benefits Of LED Lights For Office Lighting


Do you work in or own an office space? Are you upgrading your office lighting or replacing an in-office fixture? Or are you considering switching to a longer-lasting, more eco-friendly light source? 

With a lifespan of up to 50 times(!) of fluorescent bulbs and a full suite of workplace benefits, LED office lighting might be the option you’ve been looking for. These innovative bulbs are designed with your employee’s health and productivity in mind—and have been shown to improve wellness, comfort, and peace of mind. They’re safer too!

In this informative post, learn more about the many benefits of LED lights for office lighting and consider adding this amazing option for your lighting needs. 


It’s widely known that LED lights are brighter and often produce better light than fluorescent lighting. They don’t like buzz or flicker—which can distract office workers—and instead produce a constant and intense stream of light. They’re also near instantaneous, brightening rooms and offices the moment you turn on the lights! 

Fun fact: studies show that the brightness and intensity of LED lighting can even raise alertness—contributing to greater worker productivity—especially in workplaces that involve monotonous work. 


LED Lights are also eco-friendly and energy efficient. While fluorescent bulbs are known to leave traces of mercury— necessitating stringent disposal practices—LEDs contain no harmful chemical elements and are therefore easier to dispose of. Moreover, because LED office lighting produces almost no UV emissions, and can produce up to 85% less energy than traditional bulbs, they’re an energy-efficient alternative that could even save you on your energy costs, by reducing your electricity consumption.


LED lighting is also infinitely more customizable than traditional lighting solutions. 

With everything from smartphone optimization and dimmers to LED motion detectors and timers, LED office lighting can give you complete control of your office lighting system. Moreover, because LED lighting can be made to conform to a specific size or shape (as well as match a specific color with impressive accuracy) they can not only be functional, but flexible as well. 


Did you know? 

Incandescent bulbs convert 90% of their energy to heat – making them prone to causing fires – the number one hazard with conventional lighting. LED office lights, in sharp contrast, are practically heatless, making them both safer and more energy efficient. By being less hazardous and more comfortable, LED office lights are a viable option for any business that wants to avoid a visit from their local fire marshal. 


A lightbulb’s color rendering index (CRI) is a rating of its ability to reveal the tried and true color(s) of whatever it illuminates. In plain language, CRI is a measure of a light’s ability to deliver light that looks and feels natural. Natural light has a perfect score of 100 (naturally), while other sources of ‘man-made’ light—incandescent, fluorescent, halogen, etc.—score below 100. 

Want to hazard a guess of the CRI of your typical LED? 70-90 percent—far higher than other sources of light—making LEDs ideal for photography, video broadcasts, or any business that wants to ensure that what they produce inside the office will look just as good outside it. 


Business professionals know that small changes can contribute to significant increases in workplace productivity. And, when it comes to productivity gains from lighting, there simply is a no better option than installing LEDs. LED office lighting has been shown to positively impact office workers’ physical and psychological well-being by diminishing eye strain (a leading cause of physical stress in the workplace), improving mood, and increasing comfort. 

LED office lights can also enhance workplace safety, by emitting less radiant heat (as mentioned above)and heightening the perception of safety, by way of greater illumination. Paired with its ability to impact mental performance—since full-spectrum bright lighting has been shown to improve mental alertness and sleep quality—it’s a high-return-on-investment solution for all your lighting needs.


As you can probably tell by now, LED lighting is a fantastic option to consider when replacing your office lighting. With just one solution, you can save on energy costs, cut your electricity consumption, enhance aesthetics, and improve performance. It might even help reduce absenteeism too! 


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